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Community Supported Agriculture

What is CSA?

Maple Lawn Farms is partnering with local Amish veggie growers to offer you a box of local produce & Maple Lawn Farms fresh fruit each week.

How long does it last?

After discussing things with our grower-neighbors, we are offering a 12-week program, one box of good food each week.

When would it start?

Our target start week is July 22, 2014. This is agriculture, so the start date is weather dependent.

What's in my weekly box?

There's a surprise every week! Imagine, you get THE FRESHEST produce and fruit from our farm and our Amish neighbors. Picked on Monday, picked up by you on Tuesday of each week at our farm market. (See an example picture above.)

What is "community-supported" about it?

Here's how things work a little differently. You are supporting us and our local farm families by investing in your "share" of the harvest. You are investing in the farm and harvesting the rewards.

Are you "certified organic"?

Nope. None of our partner farms are certified organic and that's OK. What matters most is that we deliver to you produce and fruit that is LOCALLY GROWN and FRESH. We use crop protection practices ONLY as a last resort to save your crops from insects, fungus and disease damage. It's a last resort because it's ridiculously expensive! Come meet us in person on the farm. These are the same products we feed to our families.


Why is that  good plan for everyone?

Think about farming for a minute. In commercial agriculture, farmers plant big fields of the same products hoping for maximum tons of production. We don't know, however, if anyone wants to buy our crops!


So what?

With a CSA plan, we, as farmers, know exactly how many carrots and peaches and radishes to plant for each week, so we don't waste crops no one wanted to buy. We grow them especially for YOU!

What would it cost?

Our target is $297, complete, one-time payment that includes ALL TWELVE WEEKS of goodies! BUT, right now, we just want to know if you are interested in the program. If we have enough interest, we'll work through the details and ask you to pay later. If we do not have the interest, we won't go through the trouble of organizing the program.


Each week is different!

Even the sample picture above is just that - a sample. We are using our 25lb peach boxes, but the actual weight of the produce will vary widely. Tomatoes are heavy, leafy greens are light, etc.